Aharon Cuevas Cordero

Aharon Cuevas Cordero

  • Mg. en Ingeniería Informática
  • Profesor Asistente

Áreas de interés

  1. Data mining
  2. Machine Learning
  3. Software Engineering

Formación académica


Mg. en Ingeniería Informática

Universidad de La Frontera
Temuco - Chile


Ingeniero en Geomensura

Universidad de Concepción
Los Ángeles - Chile



Determining seasonal displacements of Earth’s crust in South America using observations from space-borne geodetic sensors and surface-loading models

Earth, Planets and Space. 2019. Vagner G. Ferreira; Henry D. Montecino; Christopher E. Ndehedehe; Rodrigo A. del Rio; Aharon Cuevas; Silvio R. C. de Freitas

Vertical deformation and sea level changes in the coast of Chile by satellite altimetry and tide gauges

International Journal of Remote Sensing. 2017. Henry D. C. Montecino; Vagner G. Ferreira; Aharon Cuevas; Leoncio Castro Cabrera; Juan Carlos Soto Báez; Silvio R. C. De Freitas

Classification of Volcanic Seismic Events: an Expert Knowledge analysis for Feature Selection

8th International Conference of Pattern Recognition Systems (ICPRS 2017). 2017. M. Curilem; A. Cuevas; R. Soto; F. Huenupan; C.S. Martin; M. Salman Khan; F. Gil; C. Cardona; L. Franco

A study of the chilean vertical network through global geopotential models and the cnes cls 2011 global mean sea surface

Boletim de Ciências Geodésicas. 2014. Henry Montecino Castro; Aharon Cuevas Cordero; Sílvio Rogério Correia de Freitas